Curtain runner, also known as bobbin, is the moving part of the curtain track that is used for attaching the curtain to the curtain track. The body is manufactured from heavy duty nylon and the bearings are manufactured from stainless steel.

Unit size 25mm W x 60mm H x 20mm D.

The nylon heavy duty curtain track runners are extremely durable, and are designed to operate quietly and smoothly.


  • Nylon ball bearing mechanism
  • Can be used with both the heavy duty stage tracking and the medium duty stage tracking.
  • Safe working load of 5kg per runner

A heavy duty curtain tracking system can be easily customised to suit your requirements with the large range of curtain track accessories available. The typical type of curtain track accessories includes: track joining plates, straight and overlapping leaders, end pulleys, floor pulleys, track mounting brackets, etc.

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